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Halprin Landscape Conservancy

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The Portland Open Space Sequence, as it was originally called, is a series of interactive fountains, plazas, and connecting pathways designed by Lawrence Halprin and Associates between 1963 and 1970. These mid-century modern parks are internationally celebrated and stand as Portland’s most influential works of landscape architecture.

The innovative series of downtown Portland fountain plazas by world-renowned landscape architect Lawrence Halprin has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Known individually as Keller Fountain, Pettygrove Park, Lovejoy Fountain, and the Source Fountain, the public plazas are located between SW Clay and Lincoln streets and First and Fourth Avenues and are connected by a system of pedestrian walkways. They are collectively called the “Portland Open Space Sequence.

The Halprin Landscape Conservancy, nearby property owners and the City of Portland Parks & Recreation have initiated a public-private stewardship program that has resulted in cooperative vegetation management, lighting upgrades, repairs to the iconic shelter designed by Halprin associate Charles Moore at Lovejoy Fountain and the restoration of the entire Sequence.