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Nicholas Perich

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Nicholas Perich is a born and raised Portland, Oregonian: A unicorn of the northwest. As soon as he could walk, he could climb…anything and everything. And jump. And split. And cartwheel. In fact, he would do cartwheels down the entire length of his elementary school hallway. Not only was it a fast and efficient way of travel, but it got him noticed by a gymnastics coach at Oregon Gymnastics Academy, where he trained and competed from the age of 5 to 14 years old. Dance entered late in his life at the age of 26 where he dived in by training in all styles from contemporary to jazz to vogue. He’s performed all over the country and tours in Europe with companies including Wild Rumpus Jazz Co., Muddy Feet Dance Co., 11 Dance Co., Unsicker Dance Collective, and Agneisska Laska Dancers. This is his 4th season performing with Heidi Duckler Dance/Northwest.