The bulb we planted, the one we may have forgotten, has not forgotten us. It blooms again, loyal and steadfast, in the place where we buried it so many months ago.

Perennial is a work that explores our shared experience over time and in many forms, touching on all our senses. We began with photographs of the dancers isolated in their bedrooms, beginning to wake from a year of hibernation. Then, we gathered outdoors for a re-entry, expressed through film. A printed Flipbook compiled the photos and film into physical form, literally a movie in your hands, a fluid remembering to enjoy and experience.

On October 2, 2021 Heidi Duckler Dance/Northwest premiered the full performance at Peninsula Park’s Rose Garden. Dancers costumed by Snezana Petrovic were joined by sound artist Yaara Perczek for a memorable interactive performance.

Photography by Eirinn Lou Riggs